Exchange – a thoughtful review shows itself as “the next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, and a trading revolution. This platform is being created to change the existing status quo in the financial markets. Concealing, hiding, manipulation, or speculation are not possible when using blockchain technology.

To be honest this is a big target in this new and comparative play ground, to make it easy for you to understand Tradeio want to make itself a bridge to connect crypto markets to FX market, which is a much bigger piece of a pie. Once doing research on this project many may thing this huge and enthusiastic goal may be the biggest challenge/obstacle to prevent investors like to to pour the money in.

Fig-1. Developers of TIO exchange based in Zug (known as the Crypto Valley), Switzerland.

Yes it is true and not, as there was over 31 millions were raised during ICO, which then was believed as a success of the ambitious team, yet it was not in the top most successful ICO of all time.

The last price in ICO was at 1.6$ which is much higher than current price sitting around 0.4$, only this point would be an disappointment for shorterm investors and raising up many questions on whether Tradeio can reach its own  ambitious goal.

tio ico - ngohieu

From a stand point of long term investor of this project, i would say that there are some criteria which makes me stick with it even during the downturn of the whole market. Firstly, the team itself is really strong and experienced in financial world, especially its CEO – Jim who has over 20 years of expertise serving in this field. The rest of the team and adviser board are also well known in the market, you can check their linkedin following the link. Secondly, the idea of this is innovative and really attractive (of course it goes with risks, or high risk high return i would say) where TIO token will be used for transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange (Forex, CFD). And it is worth to be noted that their early adopters/ partners was famous in Forex market named FXPRIMUS/PRIMUS. Lastly, these guys provide a good strategy that bring benefits for longterm investors whom hold at least 2500 TIO tokens will be granted to join Liquidity Pool and received many free airdrops partnered with To say a little bit about LP, basically, it is a profit sharing scheme where all investors ‘lend” there own tio to the platform will receive back the profits based on their ratio, they have the factsheet calculating the profit you may receive, you can down load the sheet from here.


There are also drawback/risk of investing in this project which mainly lay on its “promise” to get license for intergrating ultility token TIO with fiats and other commodity like oil, rice..etc which is the most attractive part of this project. Without this there wont be a lot of early investors pouring money in with hope of getting high return by the end.

The exchange will be first launched with crypto currencies tokens and “promised” to be follow with fiat and CFD products as said above.

So, to conclude on the review i would say this project is worth your attention but like any other new built company it contains certain risks. Even i’m its ICO investor and truly believe in its future, I recommend you to do your own research on the team and their project before putting money in. Be mindful with your money and make sure it’s your own money not credit.

You can pre-register to its coming exchange by click to the link below:

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