How will be the trading revolution?

I have been joined since its ICO since early 2018. To many people who are looking for “fast money” this token will be a disappointment for the main reason of price plunge compared to what we have paid during the ICO.

The average price of TIO token during the ICO was about 1.6$/TIO which is relatively high compared to its current price now sitting at 0.47$. Regardless of any fud around this token, there are several reasons i believe this will be a good investment:

  • reputed team members
  • good marketing strategies
  • attractive ICO consulting services/ airdrops campaigns
  • dedicated developer teams
  • profits sharing structure using Liquidity Pool
  • great benefit of using tio token as the medium to trade with forex


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I will go to some main points only to prove my opinions above about this project. Firstly, if you follow their twitter and telegram you can measure yourself already the supportive attitudes of their admin and their key personnel including CEO during several AMA sections.  There are not many tokens as i know so far giving you a chance to discuss directly with their “heads ” and providing you with calmed, clear answers like this project. Besides that, i believe they are having a very good marketing team where all the new releases seems under control. One thing, you may notice that they wont give the specific date for the launch of their exchange and give the BETA as much time as it is needed to be a bugs free product before final release.

What else, the other main thing giving this project a “5 stars” is that they are making a system where the TIO tokens can be used as the medium to exchange with fiats and vice versa. Imagine that their main partner FXPRIMUS having large experiences as a Forex broker for 10 years, their vast customer database plus their reputation in the field making this company a unique and highly respected in a markets full of “amateurs”.

So, what if you are a TIO holders and feeling depressed because of its current price that much lower than you expected. Lets give it sometimes, especially see how the exchange will be. Having a look thru their beta version, i’m quite confident that the responsiveness and UI of this exchange is one of the best on the market. So, just give it more time, dont be upset looking for quick money.

Lastly, as you may know, being a holder of TIO having over 2,500 tokens giving you a big advantages to receive several airdrops (check more informations here: Tradeio airdrop). So be confident, and read more about their Liquidity Pool which is also a unique feature on the current market.

You can join the trade revolution by early registering to their exchange and be ready for the launch. Check out here: Trade revolution.

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